Madison Highway Department

Glen MantorRoad Commissioner:  Glen Mantor

Glen has been Road Commissioner for the Town of Madison since 2001.  He is available to answer your questions or concerns about the Highway Dept. You may contact him at 696-5378.

Highway employees include forman Jeff Wright, Peter Paine, Peter Dow, Bill Pierce, and seasonal help: Larry Lightbody.  Working four 10 hour shifts, the department hours are Monday through Thursday 6:00am to 4:30pm

Throughout the winter months Highway maintains up to 50 miles of local roads as well as plowing and sanding State Routes 43, 201 and 148.  Each summer Highway works to resurface roads and ditches throughout the town.  In addition, the Highway crew also lends their services to many community- based projects.

MAIL BOXES:  Although the Town of Madison has no obligation to replace mailboxes that are damaged due to plowing the roads during a snow storm,  we do try to help out where ever possible.  Residents can help by making sure their mailboxes are not in the public roadway and by checking them periodically for stability. They have a tendency to rot because of all the rain and snow and may not be noticable at first glance. For information on how to place and maintain your mailbox, please click on the links below.

Snow and Ice Advisory

Slippery roads, snow or ice covered sidewalks.

While municipalities have a statutory duty to remove snow so as to make town ways passable, they are immune from liability for accidents caused by snow or ice on road surfaces.  Neither is a slippery road surface due to snow or ice a "highway defect".  Nor does the failure to remove snow or ice constitute negligent "street cleaning or repair".  Please drive cautiously and keep a greater distance behind fellow motorists.

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