Madison Public Library


Madison Public Library

Built in 1906, the Madison Public Library is located at 12 Old Point Avenue and is open Monday through Friday 9-5:30, and Saturday 9-2.  Visit their webpage for more information at

Head Librarian Julie Forbus works with the Board of Trustees. Current members are as follows: Kim Harper, Barbara Moody, Christine Stratton, Ann Withee-Heald and Phil Daigle.


Madison Public Library is one of many libraries in the state that provides ebook and audiobook content at no cost to the patron, through a subscription to cloudLibrary.  Subscription fees from all participating libraries combine to provide much more than any one library could on its own--the true concept of lending libraries. 

Over 14,000 ebooks and over 8,000 audiobooks are currently available online; new content is added regularly.  Library patrons from Madison, Anson, North Anson, Starks and Embden are all eligible for this service, as they all contribute to the library budget.

The process is simple.  All you need is a device with internet access and your library card.  Go to Download the app that matches the device you will use to read or listen to digital books. To log in, sign in by name -- Madison ME Public Library--even if you live in Anson, North Anson, Starks, or Embden.  Enter your 13-digit library card number located on the back of your card. That's it! Once your account is active, you may customize it to suit your needs.

For information or any questions regarding library services, patrons are asked to visit the library or call 696-5626 and ask for Julie.

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