Outdoor Activities

Madison is a great place to get outdoors regardless of the season.  With access to water both at Lake Wesserunsett and the Kennebec River, there are a number of recreational activities to enjoy.  There are also trails for hiking and biking as well as snowshoeing and cross country skiing when the weather is right.  Enjoying the great outdoors is another reason Madison is a great place to live, work and play!

Madison is part of the Kennebec Valley where tourism is recreationally based.  Watch this short video about all the Kennebec Valley has to offer. 


Hunting/Fishing Information

Town's Ordinance Authority. To learn about this click here.


Hiking Trails

Madison offers a number of beautiful trails for walking, biking and winter activities, too.  Many trails are maintained through the efforts of Somerset Woods Trustees.  You can visit their site for more information.  The latest SWT project is called Weston Woods and Waters and involved over 2 miles of trails along the Kennebec River up to the historic Weston House one of the oldest settlements in Madison.  Click the Read More button to find out more about local trails. 

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River Access

The mighty Kennebec River creates Madison's western boarder, winding it's way through 5 miles of beautiful scenery.  Fishing is great in spots and eagles abound along the treetops.  There are several access points.

Read more: River Access 

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