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Hiking Trails

Madison offers a number of beautiful trails for walking, biking and winter activities, too.  Trails are maintained through the Recreation Program.  Programs like the Family Ski Day provide training for children and parents who want to learn more about cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

The Historic Pines Trail:  Located off of Father Rasle Road near the Madison/Norridgewock line, this one mile trail is an easy walk along side the Kennebec River.  Watch Video. There are several granite markers along the way with historical and inspirational information.  The trail leads down to the river where there is access for canoe/kayak and a great fly fishing spot.  Click here for more information.

Jacobs Pines:  Located in East Madison with access off the Lower Mills Road, this 40 acre parcel of land was donated by the late George Jacobs.  It was Mr. Jacob's intention that the land be used for trail making activities especially for local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.  Oversight of the property is the responsibility of the Madison Public Library Trustees.  

Preble Avenue Fields:  The Recreational Ball Fields on Preble Avenue just outside of town contain a series of loop trails weaving in and out of the woods.  Great for dog walking and exercise these trails are groomed in the winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  Click here to see a map of the groomed trails.  

Madison High School Trails:  Located behind the soccer field at Madison High School this series of trails is used by the Cross Country Running Team in the fall, but can also be used by the public.  The trails are groomed in the winter and equipment such as skis, boots, and snowshoes can be borrowed from the High School to try out on these trails.  In the summer, mountain bikes are also available.  These trails range from simple loops to some higher elevations.  

River Walk:  From the Madison Boat Landing on Nathan Street trails can be accessed that go up and down the banks of the Kennebec.  Owned by Madison Paper Industries, this land can be used for peaceful walks along the water.  There is also parking and a boat ramp for access to the river above the dam.