Madison's Town Manager

The Town of Madison is a "Town Meeting/Manager" form of government.  The annual Town Meeting is the true governing body.  The elected Select Board appoints a Town Manager who serves as the chief executive officer for the town.  The Town Manager works under the Board's direction, and Select Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month.  

Denise Ducharme is Madison's current town manager. She was appointed by the Select Board on August 14th, 2023. 

Phone: 207.696.3971
Fax: 207.696.5623


The Budget Process

Chapter 18 of the Madison Code of Ordinances establishes a 15 member Budget Advisory Board.

Each year local residents vote to approve the municipal budget at the Town Meeting in June.  Prior to this vote the budget is prepared by the Town Manager and reviewed line by line by members of the Select Board and the Advisory Board.  These review meetings are usually held in late March/early April and are open to the public.  The municipal budget is separate from the local school budget which is prepared and reviewed along a similar timeline.

Local charities and non-profits can apply for Town funding by submitting a Social Services Appropriation Form.

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Resources Available to Madison Residents

Madison has the following resources for basic necessities.  If your specific need is not included here, call the Welfare Director at 696-3971.

Assisted Living.  Contact Maine Senior Guidance for details 

American Red Cross:  Call 696-5389

Catholic Charities:  Helps with various services and needs, call 1-800-660-5231.

Emergency Assistance Program:  Run through DHS, this program is for low income households with children under the age of 21.  Contact 474-4800.

Emergency Hotline:  Call 2-1-1 or go online at and get connected to a wide range of health and social services.

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General Assistance Program

The Town of Madison administers a General Assistance Program for the support of the poor.  Pursuant to Title 22 MRSA 4305, the municipal officers have adopted an ordinance establishing that program.  A copy of this ordinance is available for public inspection at the Town Office.  Also available for inspection is a copy of the State's General Assistance Statutes, as copies of the State Law are made available to the municipality by the Maine Department of Human Services. 

Persons who wish to apply for General Assistance may do so by appointment at the Town Office 26 Weston Avenue on the following days:

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9am to 12pm or 2pm to 3pm 

If you cannot make your appointment, please call the Town Office to reschedule.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment you will have to reschedule 

In an emergency, applicants may contact Jill Wyman, Welfare director at  207-696-4170 or contact the Somerset Sheriff's Office (Madison Division) at 696-5373.  That number will transfer directly to the Communication Center after four rings and you will be put in touch with a Sheriff's Deputy who can help you reach a Welfare Director. 

The Town's Welfare Director must issue a written decision regarding eligibility to all applicants within 24 hours of receiving an application.  

The Department of Human Services toll free number to call with a question regarding the General Assistance Program is 1-800-442-6033

This notice is posted pursuant to Title 22 MRSA 4304-4305. 


Tax Collection Information

General information on Tax Collection, Tax Bills and Tax Liens.

The Tax Department is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m., to receive tax payments. Payments can be mailed to the Town of Madison P O Box 190, Madison, ME 04950

To view local tax maps in a pdf format click here.

Our office is now offering TAX CLUB for property owners.  The enrollment period is July 1st to September 15th.  Once your enrolled in the Tax Club, you will make monthly payments to the Tax Collector.  As long as you continue to make monthly payments, there will be no interest charged to your account.  Your prior year taxes must be paid in full in order to qualify for the club. Click here to download a tax club application. 

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