Motor Vehicle Registrations

General information about Motor Vehicle Registrations


The Town of  Madison offers to their residents the option to re-register their motor vehicles online with the Rapid Renewal Program  click here.


Requirements for re-registrations of a motor vehicle:

Current Registration

Vehicle Mileage

Proof of Insurance Card (can be fax to 696-5623)

First-Time Registrations:

Requirements for a Dealer Purchase:

Maine Title Application ( Blue form)

Maine Dealer Certificate Form ( Green form)

Window Sticker ( if vehicle is new)

Proof of Insurance Card

If doing a transfer of your registration you will need to bring in your current registration to the vehicle you disposed of.

Requirements for a Private Sale Purchase:

Bill of Sale

Title ( only if vehicle is a 1993 or newer)

Proof of Insurance Card

Current Mileage

If doing a transfer of registration you will need to bring in your current registration to the vehicle you got rid of.

Requirement if Previously Registered to You in Another State:

Title or Lien Holder Information

Registration from state where last registered

Proof of Insurance Card

Vehicle Mileage

Anyone with questions regarding Motor Vehicle Registrations please feel free to contact the Town Office at 696-3971. If you need information regarding Driver License, Forms and services regarding the Bureau of Motor Vehicles please click here.

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