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The Budget Process

Chapter 18 of the Madison Code of Ordinances establishes a 15 member Budget Advisory Board.

Each year local residents vote to approve the municipal budget at the Town Meeting in June.  Prior to this vote the budget is prepared by the Town Manager and reviewed line by line by members of the Select Board and the Advisory Board.  These review meetings are usually held in late March/early April and are open to the public.  The municipal budget is separate from the local school budget which is prepared and reviewed along a similar time line.

Local charities and non profits can apply for Town funding by submitting a Social Services Appropriation Form.

The 15 members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the Select Board.  If you would like to participate in the budget process by serving on the Advisory Board please contact the Town Office at 696-3971.  Current members include...

Lynn Andrews 

Randy Bliss 

Pat Dolan       

Doug Denico

Sally Dwyer           

Jeff Drew                 

Jeff Foss 

Jim Ireland


Michele LeBlanc

Kenneth Moore     

Paul Fortin       

Rob Shibley 

Robin Turek

Jean Veneziano 

Cathy Wilson