Local Industry

Backyard Farms: Largest Tomato Greenhouse in New England

With two greenhouses built to date, we believe Madison is the Tomato Capitol of New England!  Located on River Road, there are now 42 acres of tomatoes growing under two massive glass greenhouses. 

Backyard Farms is now the third largest local employer with about 200 employees on their payroll.  Since it's first crop in January 2007, Backyard Farms has produced more than 40 million pounds of tomatoes.  Visit the farm.

UPM Madison (Madison Paper)

Since 1888 the paper industry has been a staple of the Madison economy.  In 2011 Madison Paper was purchased by United Paper Makers (UPM) the largest manufacturer of paper in the world.  The local mill is Madison's largest employer consistently producing award winning high gloss paper for the New York Times.