Domain: Housing   Goal: To establish a home repair network for aging adults in Madison and Skowhegan

Madison currently has an aging housing inventory. The vision of Living Well in Madison is to see new housing developed in the upcoming years so that there is options for residents, and a growing network of resources to help residents stay in their homes with improvements for safety and energy efficiency.

According to select survey findings 73% of the aging community in Madison would like to stay in their own home, however a little less than half of the respondents reported that they may need to move to another home for their retirement. Respondents said that they will need to modify their home to age safely and comfortably. 38% said they will need to gain easier access to their home, such as a ramp or sturdy railings. 33% said they will need to have bathroom modification such as grab bars or non-slip tiles. 30% said they will need a medical alert system to notify others in case of an emergency. 24% said that they will need more lighting in their home. 22% said they will need easier access to their home, such as wider doorways. 22% said that they will need a bedroom or bathroom on the first floor.

Madison Senior Housing

Henderson Apartments

One Madison Avenue


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