Domain: Transportation    Goal: To create new transportation options for residents.

Madison currently has no large-scale public transportation. Living Well in Madison's vision is to see development of a volunteer network to fill the gaps of services such as KVCAP and local taxi/ride share programs.

Select survey findings found that when asked what factors make it hard to get to the places they need to go, half cited the need for money to handle gas or ownership costs, 31% noted a need for public transportation, 19% reported they need to transport a wheelchair or other equipment, and 9% said they are uncomfortable asking for a ride.

The transportation related services that are very important but do not really exist are transportation for people with disabilities and older residents, affordable and reliable public transportation, and transportation to volunteer in the community and to participate in social and recreational opportunities. These high importance services that have low percentages of existing in Madison are what Living well in Madison is working on in the transportation domain. 

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