Community Support and Health Services

Domain: Community Support and Health Services  Goal: To develop opportunities for meaningful connections which are exclusive across socio-economics.

As Madison residents continue to age over the next few years Living Well in Madison's vision is that the availability of resources, and the awareness of those resources will expand accordingly. More residents are technically advanced compared to the previous generations allowing for faster and more efficient dissemination of information.

Selected survey findings indicated that 32% of the respondents have fallen in the past year, and half are concerned about falling. 59% report that they engage in some form of physical exercise several times a week while 12% report that they rarely or never do this. 37% indicate that they have a disability or chronic illness that prevents them from being as active as they would like to be. 95% said they get most of their food at a supermarket. 28% agreed with the statement "It is easy for me to get good quality health services in Madison" while 21% completely disagreed with this statement. 

Some of the services that are very important however do not exist well in Madison are recreation, wellness, and fitness for older folks, caregiver support services, in home help, easy access to quality urgent and routine healthcare, a central place to get community information, and easy to find informational help. These are some of the services that Living Well in Madison would like to improve for community support and health services.


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