Snow and Ice Advisory

Slippery roads, snow or ice covered sidewalks.

While municipalities have a statutory duty to remove snow so as to make town ways passable, they are immune from liability for accidents caused by snow or ice on road surfaces.  Neither is a slippery road surface due to snow or ice a "highway defect".  Nor does the failure to remove snow or ice constitute negligent "street cleaning or repair".  Please drive cautiously and keep a greater distance behind fellow motorists.

Snow or ice-covered sidewalks

Municipalities are specifically immune from liability for snow or ice or slippery conditions on any sidewalk.  Residents are encouraged to wear proper footwear and to take smaller strides on Maine sidewalks this winter season. 


Municipalities are not liable for damage done to mailboxes within the legal right of way.  For guidelines on how and where mailboxes should be installed, see the Town Office.